Churchmouse Antiques has been in business for approximately 15 years.  The first 10 years we sold through antique shows.  Eventually, the shows did not continue to attract the attendance necessary to sell high quality lighting; therefore, the shows could not maintain the high quality dealers and their merchandise and the shows became more like flea markets.  At that point, we realized we could not continue show participation and made the decision to try our hand at selling on line.  Churchmouse Antiques is owned by David and Karen.  It is only the two of us who do the posting of products, refurbishing and packing.  David has worked with metal for most of his working life and now in semi-retirement he still does.

He does all the refurbishing of the antique and vintage lighting that we sell.  This involves restoring the finish on all the metal parts.  This may mean giving them a thorough cleaning only or a total refurbishing of all metal parts.  All lighting is re-wired to current standards for the buyers’ safety.  We also highly recommend that only LED bulbs be used in old/antique lighting.  We have found from our own experience that LEDs are a good light source and operate at much cooler temperatures.  This is very important when your fixture has old (very difficult to replace) glass shades or the beautiful handmade beaded shades used on floor lamps.  At times we find we have to replace broken or missing parts.  This may necessitate using new replacement parts if old ones cannot be found.  David does his best to make sure that any replacement parts are consist with the original fixture.  The buyer has to realize that fixtures that are 90 to over 100 years old will need some repairs.

We do all we can to make sure our lighting is in excellent working condition, safe and is attractive to the eye.  We want our buyers to be happy with their purchase.  But considering the nature of our products we cannot accept returns.  All shipments are sent either USPS or UPS and are insured for the full purchase price.


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